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Holzbau Carpentry Hess CC, which was established in 2007, is a Windhoek-based Carpentry and Construction Company in Namibia that specialises in precise and accurate timber roof construction, staircases and free forms, as well as sturdy workmanship.

The Carpentry, which specialises in Glulam-manufacture (GL24h), as per European standards, offers custom-made design solutions for both residential and commercial developments.  Glulam beams can be manufactured to maximum dimensions of 30 metres in length, and 3 meters width, as well as curved around all three axes with a minimum radius of 80 centimetres. Glulam can be used in almost every kind of construction for roofs, door and window beams, columns, and rafters.

As raw material is utilised to its maximum potential with minimal off-cuts, vast potential for structural design is made possible.

The Company’s timber construction offers a competitive alternative to steel construction with its use of specialised CNC cutting machinery, as it enables the time spent on each project to be swifter and, thus, more cost effective; and it enhances the visual artistry of the finished product.

Holzbau Carpentry Hess CC designs and constructs for building projects of all scopes, sizes and budgets.  The Company’s carpentry and construction capabilities provide its clients with practical, beautiful interiors and exteriors for inspired working and living spaces.

Although we are based and work predominantly in Namibia, we also implement projects across borders throughout the SADC region and Europe.


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