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Laminated timber

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Glued laminated timber (Glulam)

Glued laminated timber (Glulam) consists of several layers of lamellae glued parallel to the grain, which allows for an 80% higher load-bearing capacity than  compared to solid wood. We produce Glulam in straight, curved and multi-axis curved forms, allowing unlimited design freedom. In relation to its own weight, Glulam has  therefore a high load-bearing capacity and can be used in multiple ways in the construction industry.

The high degree of prefabrication allows for reduced  time  on site. Project-related Glulam beams, gable roof beams, curved beams and fish-bellied beams in spruce, pine or saligna are offered to our clients preferences.

A well designed truck and specialised  trailer fleet allows for smooth transportation on Glulam beams manufactured up to 30m in length and 3m in width, respective to curved elements up to a minimum radius of 80cm.

We produce spruce Glulam in GL 24h strength according to the European Standards. Our SA Pine Glulam meets the requirements of grade 8 or higher according to the South African Standards. As adhesives, polyurethane (PU) and melamine (MUF) are used;  both are EN and SABS approved.

Manufactured Glulam can be offered as a finished raw industrial or visible smooth planed product.

Cross laminated timber (CLT)

Cross laminated timber (CLT) panels consist of at least three layers lamellae glued together crossway. This manufacture process minimizes the "swelling and shrinkage behaviour" of the wood, allowing the structure to be dimensionally stable and accurate. In addition, the crossway construction enables load transfer from all sides. CLT boards are load-bearing panels or slab elements and are mostly used for roofs, walls and ceilings.

CLT can be manufactured in our maximum dimensions of 13m length, 2.50m width and 30cm thickness.

Manufactured CLT can be offered as a finished raw industrial or visible smooth planed product.


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